The Lost Tools of Writing Complete Set (Level 1)

By: CiRCE Institute


This complete writing curriculum teaches the student how to overcome the three challenges all writers face: coming up with something to say, arranging ideas properly, and finding the right words. Through a strategic return to classical Greek and Roman (and consequently medieval and Renaissance) thought patterns, this curriculum will transform your students’ ability to think, read, write, and communicate.

5 Benefits to the 5th Edition:


  • More exercise and essay examples for teachers and students
  • Clear and concise lesson guides with more teaching tips and specific direction in each lesson
  • Streamlined student worksheets with more clarity on the lesson idea and guided practice appropriate to each canon
  • New and updated online and streaming video support
  • Simplified and clarified design and formatting

The Lost Tools of Writing™ Level 1 complete set includes the following materials:

  • A Teacher’s Guide full of over 200 pages of Lesson Guides to aid in lesson planning, classroom instruction, and grading
  • A Student’s Workbook with a complete set of worksheets, templates for essay outlines, and tools of essay revision
  • A subscription to our new online, streaming instructional videos. This replaces the DVDs from past versions, so you will not receive a set of DVDs with the workbooks.


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