General Chemistry (Third Edition) Program

By: John D. Mays


General Chemistry is a refreshing new approach to high school chemistry embodying all of the features for which Novare Science has become known.

The mastery-learning paradigm builds comprehension by adding new concepts while reviewing and rehearsing key material throughout the year. This method is implemented in carefully designed exercises, cumulative assessments, and the embedding of lower-level skills in higher-level questions.


General Chemistry (Third Edition) - Textbook


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Product Description

Students appreciate the smaller profile and lighter weight of our books made possible through our Textbook Philosophy. Concise, thorough, and rich, beautiful graphics make the book a pleasure to interact with.

We intentionally integrate across related subjects: the history of modern chemistry, mathematics and technical communication is emphasized throughout.

Finally, our approach to implementing a Kingdom Perspective is to do science from the faith-informed perspective as disciples of Christ studying God’s created order. This is apparent in General Chemistry from the observations about order in the universe, in how nature submits to scientific study and modeling, and in the fitness of creation as a habitat for humanity and animal life.

What’s new in the 3rd edition? All revisions for General Chemistry 3rd Edition were made to reflect the substantial revisions to the metric system, which went into effect in 2019. Learn more about the major metric system changes here.

General Chemistry – Errata

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John D. Mays


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