General Chemistry

By: Mays, D. John


General Chemistry is a chemistry curriculum for high school exhibiting Novare’s signature principles of Mastery, Integration and Kingdom Perspective. This fresh, lucid text brings students into the real world of chemistry and laboratory experiments.


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General Chemistry is recommended for standard track students who are taking Algebra II simultaneously, usually in 11th grade. While there is not a great deal of mathematics in chemistry, sections that deal with calculating pH values require knowledge of logarithms, which normally encountered in Algebra II.

General Chemistry uses a mastery-learning method. In this method, students build comprehension by adding new concepts while reviewing and rehearsing key material throughout the year. This method is implemented in carefully crafted exercises, quizzes, and the textbook narrative, and it facilitates learning, mastery and retention.

Students appreciate the smaller profile and lighter weight of our books. This is possible because of aspects of Novare’s Textbook Philosophy. When mastery is the goal, you must cull down the material to an amount that can reasonably be mastered in one year. There is no need to stuff the book with unnecessary chapters.

Related subjects are integrated into the narrative. The history of modern chemistry, mathematics and technical communication is emphasized throughout. Integration protects a course from seeming compartmentalized from other subjects. That’s certainly not how the real world is. Real chemists use math and writing skills every day. Their knowledge about how the scientific enterprise works is greatly enhanced by their knowledge of great scientists who came before.

Our approach to implementing a Kingdom Perspective does not entail unnaturally inserting Bible verses or devotional insets. A better approach for Christians is to do science from the faith-informed perspective of disciples of Christ studying God’s created order. This is apparent in General Chemistry from the observations about order in the universe, in how nature submits to scientific study and modeling, and in the fitness of creation as a habitat for humanity and animal life.

Novare strives to make textbooks better than any competitor, Christian or non-Christian, in quality, content, presentation and methodology.

Click Here to read a review of General Chemistry by Dr. Carol Wells, PhD. in Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin 1989, homeschool teacher of AP physics and calculus.


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