It’s Electrifying! – Teacher Manual

By: Shelagh A. Gallagher, Ph.D., Dana L. Plowden


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The Teacher Manual contains detailed instructions on how to implement the unit. It describes how to conduct the project, how to develop problem-solving skills and awareness, and how to lead students into considering all sides of the situation.

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It’s Electrifying! presents the problem of whether Virginia Beach, Virginia, will accept alternative energy supplies and which source of energy would be most beneficial with the least environmental impact: wave energy, tidal energy, or offshore wind farms. In this unit, students are placed in the role of engineers whose job is to select new, innovative options for energy production. The science and technology focus is on how wind, water, and gravitational pull are converted into electricity. After studying the options, the students consider the social and environmental impacts, along with opinions and input from local government officials, environmentalists, local protesters, and business suppliers. Ultimately they must make a recommendation as to which form of energy would be best for the area, and they must make a convincing proposal for it.

This unit offers students an opportunity to explore clean energy technologies and to understand that the issues involved in implementing them are complex and multifaceted. The unit is especially relevant to the current conversation on energy production in the United States and around the world.

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Shelagh A. Gallagher, Ph.D.,
Dana L. Plowden


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