Let’s Learn About Mushrooms

By: Phyllis J. Perry


If there were no mushrooms, forests would be choked with deadwood. But mushrooms, in their own way, devour fallen logs and create rich, moldy earth for new trees to grown in.

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Do toads really sit on toadstools? Do fairies dance on mushrooms and use them for umbrellas? Superstition and mystery surround plants in the  mushroom family—plants that are important to the natural balance of our world.

Some of the interesting beliefs and customs surrounding mushrooms are presented in this beautifully illustrated book. It presents a simple, easy-to-read account of what mushrooms are, how and where they grow, and how they help preserve the balance of nature. Young readers will enjoy learning how to make spore prints. More important, they will learn that unless you are an expert, it is safest to buy your mushrooms in the grocery store.

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Phyllis J. Perry


Purple House Press




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