Teaching Writing: Structure and Style [Forever Streaming Set]

By: Pudewa, Andrew


Whether your students are eager learners or reluctant writers, the award-winning Teaching Writing: Structure and Style video seminar will give you the tools you need to confidently teach your students to write well, think clearly, and express themselves eloquently and persuasively.

Product Description

Video Excerpt – Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Introduction

This powerful and inspiring seminar will transform the way you teach writing to children (and perhaps your own writing as well)! You’ll learn how to incrementally teach students to write with clear structure and compelling style. Begin with the basics—rewriting a paragraph—and continue all the way into advanced creative and essay writing. Learn how to nurture excellence in writing and thinking in students of any age.

Many parents and teachers who have taken this course have expressed, “I wish I had learned this when I was in school!”

Teachers of students in grades K–12 and beyond will learn how to effectively teach their students to

  • outline and summarize
  • generate cohesive paragraphs
  • create stories
  • produce reports and critiques
  • develop essays
  • translate their thoughts and ideas into writing
  • vary sentence structure
  • use interesting vocabulary
  • add literary devices

This complete package includes:

  • twelve Forever Streaming* videos:
    • nine videos with instruction on the nine structural models and multiple stylistic techniques (14 hours’ total viewing time—may be watched all at once, or viewed one video at a time throughout the school year)
    • three videos of sample Student Workshops at four different grade levels to help you with that first lesson
  • Premium Membership content that allows you access to the following for one year from the date of activation:
    • online Master Classes taught by Andrew Pudewa
    • free access to our online IEW Checklist Generator™
    • MP3 downloads of Andrew Pudewa’s most popular conference talks
    • several PDF downloads
  • TWSS Seminar Workbook, which serves as the syllabus for the seminar and contains charts, word lists, sample lesson plans, and more

*Forever Streaming is available from IEW.com as long as it is needed by the original purchaser. Nontransferable.

To activate your Premium Membership (streaming video and e-resources), follow the instructions on your Premium Membership Card included with your shipment.


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