Tekko the Fugitive

By: Alie Vogelaar


Tekko didn’t’ see much of his surroundings. He was thinking about everything that had happened in his village. It was a long time since the white man and Ano had returned to their own village. That was too bad because Tekko loved to listen to the beautiful stories the white man told about the Lord Jesus.

The things that had happened were so amazing! Tekko heard about the white man and had secretly gone to him with his sick little sister. That had been a long and difficult journey, but…his troubles were rewarded. The baby got better and that was something that Wemale, their medicine man, with all his magic charms had not been able to do!

Wemale! Tekko thought. He frowned.

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The Tekko Series

Tekko and the White Man 
Tekko the Fugitive
Tekko Returns 

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Alie Vogelaar


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