Tekko and the White Man

By: Alie Vogelaar


Suddenly a wild thought went through Tekko’s mind. If his baby sister didn’t recover? Then…he would go to the white medicine man! For a moment he was startled by the thought. Then he was certain of it. They had paid Wemale plenty and offered much to the spirits. If it still didn’t help, he would take her to the white medicine man of whom Tani had told him.

For a moment he thought about the weird and horrible things Tani also had told him. But He didn’t want to think about that,. It was the white medicine man who had made the village chief better. The white medicine man must have secret powers, becuase their own medicine man couldn’t do it!

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The Tekko Series

Tekko and the White Man 
Tekko the Fugitive
Tekko Returns 

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Alie Vogelaar


Inheritance Publications



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