The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series: Book 1

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Charlotte Mason’s beginning math lessons seem to be tailor-made for an early elementary child.

Lessons are mainly oral and are carefully graduated, with your child answering small word problems within their understanding (no reading required). They work out the problems in a hands-on way using a variety of common, everyday objects. This straightforward but interesting teaching guides your children to make discoveries on their own.


Product Description

A grid notebook is used as the student’s math notebook, in which they record the math concepts that were discovered. Writing is used sparingly, so the effort of handwriting does not overshadow the math concept being grasped.

The progression of the lessons is adjusted to the pace that fits your child best, so you can go slowly enough to build understanding and comfort in the math concepts but not so slowly that the child becomes bored.

Short, lively lessons reinforce a habit of concentrated attention while not overtaxing the child’s ability to sit still. Each day’s work goes no longer than 20 minutes, with fifteen minutes focused on the newest math concept and the remaining five for review.

Book 1 Features

The lessons in The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1, follow Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and methods for teaching math as outlined above. In Book 1 you will find

  • Day-by-day lessons, so you can guide your student with confidence;
  • Straightforward instructions, so you (or any other teacher) can open and go with no prep time;
  • End-of-term exams that can be customized according to where your child is in the lessons;
  • Helpful reminders and teaching tips, so you can be sure you’re teaching math in a Charlotte Mason way;
  • A beautiful and durable hardcover that will stand up well to many years of enjoyable math lessons;
  • Two bookmark ribbons, so you can easily track the progress of two different students;
  • Cross-references to Charlotte Mason’s Living Math: A Guided Journey DVD set, so you can see the methods demonstrated and be prepared for upcoming lessons;
  • A full year of math for students in grade 1 or excellent review lessons for older students who need to strengthen their understanding of math concepts;
  • A non-consumable resource that will make a wonderful addition to your home library and can be used with all of your children.

Arithmetic Concepts in Book 1

In The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1, your child will gain a solid understanding of these arithmetic concepts.

  • Counting 1 through 100
  • Investigation and analysis of 1 through 100
  • Numerals 0 through 9
  • Symbols +, –, and =
  • Place value through 100
  • Numeration and notation through 100
  • Money through $1 (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar)
  • Addition through double digits
  • Subtraction through double digits
  • Skip counting
  • Review and oral work
  • Mental math

The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series

Book 1: Exploration of Numbers to 100
Book 2: The Four Rules and Tables; Work with Numbers to 1000
Book 3: Tables continued; Work with Numbers to 10,000; Weights & Measures
Book 4: Long Multiplication & Division; Metric Weights & Measures

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1 review for The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series: Book 1

  1. Johanna Postma (verified owner)

    We have switched to this math curriculum for my middle child and we love how simple and beautiful it is to implement. It is not flashy as many modern math programs are, but it gives the child a strong understanding of number sense, comprehension and problem solving. This particular book builds a relationship between the teacher & student, therefore work is not completed independently…but the time investment is 15-20 minutes per day.

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