The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure

By: Buddy Davis, John Whitcomb, Mike Liston


Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure

Adventures Mike Liston, Buddy Davis, Dan Specht, George Detwiler, and John Whitmore brave the aching cold of the Alaskan wilderness. On a hunt for truth amid the shrieks of wild animals, the clouds overhead race swiftly by.

Locked in a remote, frozen wasteland where man has rarely been, lie remains of creatures so mysterious, science can scarcely believe the truth.

A team of scientists and researchers endured incredible hardships to reach a site many would rather avoid – the Alaskan wilderness – and in the process, uncovered unfossilized dinosaur bones. The implications are enormous, for how can dinosaurs be 65 million years old if their bones are still unfossilized?

Join the team and thrill at the photographs and tales of danger, as The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure drops a bombshell on the scientific community.

See once again why true science honors the pages of the Bible.

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Buddy Davis,
John Whitcomb,
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