This study covers the U.S. historical period know as Western Expansion during the late 18th century through mid-19th century. Intended for 4th-7th graders, it comprises a sequel to the Early American History studies, however, neither of which are a prerequisite. Designed as a read-aloud program, with lesson plans, comprehension questions, historical helps, relevant websites, and answer keys the student will journey from the Appalachians to the Far West reading noted authors such as James Daugherty, Edwin Tunis, and Genevieve Foster. This study is can be completed in a semester doing three lessons per week.

For those interested in including California History in this study, a companion Study Guide has been designed to integrate easily into this study if desired. Because the history of California was a significant part of the westward movement, the courses naturally work well together and the literature selections in the study will provide greater breath and content without unnecessary duplication.

On page iii a schematic is included that will illustrate the scope and sequence of both courses. Two recommendations that would greatly enhance the Westward Migration study from the California tract are: Cruise of the Arctic Star by Scott O’Dell and Jessie Benton Fremont: California Pioneer by Marguerite Higgins.