Worldview Detective: DVD Seminar

By: Adam Andrews & Missy Andrews


Worldview Detective is here!  A DVD seminar featuring Adam and Missy Andrews, Worldview Detective is designed for parents, teachers, and high school students who want to learn how to discover an author’s worldview through close reading of his work.


Product Description

Worldview Detective helps students get beyond the basic question “What does the author say?” and tackle the crucial follow-up question:  “Is the author telling the truth?”

Worldview Detective is a powerful revision of CenterForLit’s Teaching the Classics: Worldview Supplement.  In this 3-hour seminar, Adam and Missy Andrews discuss the secrets of effective worldview analysis, including an exclusive “Socratic List” designed specifically for worldview discussions.  They proceed to demonstrate their teaching technique by analyzing two classic stories, Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” and Flannery O’Connor’s “Revelation.”

While viewing the seminar, parents take notes in the syllabus, which can then serve as a teacher manual for future discussions.  The complete seminar package contains the following resources:

  • 4 DVDs with model discussions led by Adam and Missy Andrew
  • A revised and expanded Socratic List designed specifically for worldview analysis — 113 exclusive questions directed at worldview issues that can be asked of any book on your reading list (live explanations and guidance for each question are included in the DVD presentation).
  • A 75-page teacher manual which includes full story texts and answers to discussion questions used in the seminar
  • An historical appendix explaining major periods in English language literature and the worldview issues that were prominent in each, along with lists of major authors and their classic works
  • Live explanations of important terms like worldview, deconstruction, naturalism, realism, romanticism, modernism, and more
  • Summaries of major worldviews
  • Suggestions for incorporating worldview analysis into existing programs
  • Review of key concepts in the Teaching the Classics basic seminar

Running time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Syllabus page count: 70


Q. Who should take this course?
A. Parents and teachers of upper-level students (about grades 8-12), as well as the students themselves.

Q. Is this a curriculum?
A. No. Worldview Detective is a method for analysis that can be applied to any work of fiction.

Q. Do I really need the DVDs?
A.  Yes, the syllabus provides supplementary materials only. All explanations, discussions, example lessons and demonstrations of our teaching techniques are contained in the DVD presentation alone.

Q.  How is Worldview Detective different from the old Worldview Supplement?
A.   In just about every way! Only the Socratic List for Worldview Analysis has been preserved from the old Worldview Supplement, and even that has been revised and edited.  The new version of the DVD seminar includes in-depth explanations of each question on the Socratic List, on-screen conversations between Adam and Missy Andrews for each story, an analysis of Flannery O’Connor’s “Revelation” in addition to Jack London’s “To Build a Fire,” and a video appendix describing the major periods in English literature.   The new syllabus, which is included in the seminar package, guides the viewer through the Socratic method by providing answers to relevant questions keyed to the story text.  While the new Worldview Detective teaches the same concepts as the old Worldview Supplement, it makes a much more powerful and effective presentation.

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