The MCT Language Arts Curriculum

Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Poetics, Practice, and Literature by Michael Clay Thompson

From the Publisher:

The MCT language arts curriculum is a comprehensive, multilevel curriculum designed to provide children with a thorough understanding of the English language. Michael is a master at welcoming children into the beauty of the language and of introducing them to its simplicity, its clarity, and its usefulness. The knowledge that he imparts is critical to enable children to speak and write well—not just for their academic success but for their success in professional life as well, no matter what they endeavor to do for a living. It will also make them better communicators in their personal lives. Children are ready to begin the curriculum once they are adept enough at reading to be able to learn from it, and the curriculum continues all the way up to a level of rigor that many students never encounter even at the university level. But what makes the MCT curriculum truly special is the enthusiasm and joy that Michael brings to it, and the children love it.

These exciting and demanding books are phenomenally successful, both as stand-alones and as part of a longer-term, progressive English language arts curriculum. Student books and teacher or parent manuals are available for each strand of the curriculum.

The overview chart below shows the books in each strand, and also those that comprise the packages that are available for each level. Click on the title to go directly to a book, or click on a strand at the head of the columns to see the series.

Michael Clay Thompson has begun work on two preliminary levels of the curriculum that will come before the first level listed in the chart below. They will be for children ages 6-8 and 7-9 respectively. We have already published the grammar books for these levels: Poodle Knows What? (ages 6-8) and Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster (ages 7-9). When more books in those levels are completed, we will add rows to the Elementary chart and fill them in as the books become available.

If you have questions, you can visit the FAQ page for this curriculum here.


Grammar Vocabulary Writing Poetics Practice Literature Trilogies
Level 1 Grammar Island Building Language Sentence Island The Music of the Hemispheres Practice Island Mud
Level 2 Grammar Town Caesar’s English I Paragraph Town Building Poems Practice Town Alice, Peter, & Mole
Level 3 Grammar Voyage Caesar’s English II Essay Voyage A World of Poetry Practice Voyage Search

Middle and Secondary

Grammar Vocabulary Writing Poetics Practice Literature Trilogies
Level 4 Grammar of Literature Vocabulary of Literature Writing of Literature Poetry of Literature 4Practice for Literature Shadow
Level 5 Magic Lens I The Word Within the Word I Academic Writing I Poetry and Humanity 4Practice I Time
Level 6 Magic Lens II The Word Within the Word II Academic Writing II Poetry, Plato, Beauty 4Practice II Fog
Level 7 Magic Lens III The Word Within the Word III Academic Writing III

Opus 40

Poetry, Plato, Truth 4Practice III American Autobiography
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