A World of Poetry: Student Book

By: Michael Clay Thompson


A World of Poetry builds on the first two books in the MCT poetics program but goes even further into the details of good poetry. This volume is built on comparisons of poetic and scientific observations of nature and the world around us. As with the other poetics books, the design of this book has been meticulously attended to so that it highlights the points in the text with beautiful and interesting visuals.

Among the featured topics are alliteration, assonance, consonance, end-stopped versus enjambed lines, end rhyme, rhyme scheme, internal rhyme, eye-rhyme, near rhyme, poetic feet, iambs, trochees, dactyls, spondees, amphibrachs, amphimacers, pyrrhics, Shakespearan sonnets, Petrarchan sonnets, ballads, rime royal, limericks, haiku, similes, metaphors, personification, apostrophes, and the grammar of poetry.

There are many poems in the book that illustrate the poetic elements discussed, including ones by T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Christina Rossetti, Gerard Manley Hopkins, A.E. Houseman, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Emily Dickinson, Sara Teasdale, Anne Sexton, Thomas Hardy, Edgar Allen Poe, William Butler Yeats, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Matthew Arnold, Emma Lazarus, Sylvia Plath, and Basho Matsuo.

A World of Poetry, like the poetics books that lead up to it (The Music of the Hemispheres and Building Poems) allows students to see that the common stereotypes about poetry—that it is comprised only of pretty poems for girls—are unfounded. This text can be used as a stand-alone introduction to poetry or as a foundation for more advanced study in poetics.

Note: New to the second edition of this book are QR codes that link to audio of Michael Clay Thompson himself reading the poems in the book.

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