A Tale of Two Cities – Student Book

By: David M. Wright


The A Tale of Two Cities Student Book contains vocabulary studies, reading notes, comprehension questions, Socratic discussion questions, work with quotes, and literary and rhetorical devices. The  Student Book is designed to guide students through the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages towards the central proposition that gives the story ultimate meaning and expression.

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A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens explores the themes of class, family, loyalty, and love through the story of Doctor Manette and his daughter, Lucie. After years of imprisonment in the Bastille in Paris, Doctor Manette reunites with his daughter, and the two begin a peaceful life together in London. However, their happiness is broken when Lucie’s husband becomes entangled with the people responsible for Doctor Manette’s imprisonment.

Through the experience of one family and their faithful friends caught up in the turmoil of the French Revolution, Dickens examines the universal human experience of suffering, the desire for justice, and the atoning power of self-sacrifice.

Upper-School Student books are now in a smaller, non-consumable format. The format of these guides helps older students transition away from a workbook mentality and prepares them for college classes by teaching them to take their own notes and glean information from lectures, class discussions, and the text. The answers are contained in the A Tale of Two Cities  Teacher Guide.

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