Classical Rhetoric Complete Set

By: Martin Cothran


Martin Cothran’s Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle is a guided tour through the first part of the greatest single book on communication ever written: Aristotle’s Rhetoric. With questions that will help the student unlock every important aspect of the book, along with fill-in-the-blank charts and analyses of great speeches, this companion text to Aristotle’s great work will send the student on a voyage of discovery from which he will return with a competent knowledge of the basic classical principles of speech and writing.

Classical Rhetoric is not one of those subjects that many parents have experience with, which is one reason why parents have long been clamoring for an instructional DVD to go along with the course. Although Martin Cothran’s Classical Rhetoric is self-instructional, it is still nice to have the author helping your student through material that would otherwise be unfamiliar. In this DVD, Mr. Cothran takes the subject of persuasive  communication and brings Aristotle’s principles to life by drawing on current events and his own experiences speaking and debating.

For those homeschool parents and teacher who want some help teaching rhetoric, Classical Rhetoric is now available on DVD!

Memoria Press’ video course features Martin Cothran, author of the book, Classical RhetoricAristotle’s Principles of Persuasion. These DVDs include Mr. Cothran’s verbal instructions on every aspect of the course, including supplementary exercises, and include helpful graphics slides to help explain the content. There are lectures for each lesson, plus an introduction and four case studies. The lesson lectures average 45 minutes each.

Used along with Classical Rhetoric, your new DVD course will enable you to bring a master teacher into your home. This course is ideal for students from 9th grade to adult.

Sample DVD Lesson

Classical Rhetoric Student Text Sample
Classical Rhetoric Answer Key Sample




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This set includes

Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle Student Text
Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle Answer Key
Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle DVDs
Aristotle’s Rhetoric
How to Read a Book
Figures of Speech

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