Einstein Adds a Dimension Textbook

By: Joy Hakim


In volume three, students will look over Albert Einstein’s shoulder as he and his colleagues develop a new kind of physics. It leads in two directions: to knowledge of the vast universe and its future (insights build on Einstein’s theories of relativity), and to an understanding of the astonishingly small subatomic world (the realm of quantum physics). Students will learn why relativity and quantum theory revolutionized our world and led to the most important ideas in modern science, maybe of all time.

In the three-book¬†The Story of Science¬†series, master storyteller Joy Hakim narrates the evolution of scientific thought from ancient times to the present. With lively, character-driven narrative, Hakim spotlights the achievements of some of the world’s greatest scientists and encourages a similar spirit of inquiry in readers. The books include hundreds of color photographs, charts, maps, and diagrams; informative sidebars; suggestions for further reading; and excerpts from the writings of great scientists.

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The Story of Science Series

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Aristotle Leads the Way Teacher Guide
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Newton at the Center
Newton at the Center Student Guide
Newton at the Center Teacher Guide
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Einstein Adds a Dimension

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