Exploring Creation with Math Level 4 Teaching Guide and Answer Key

By: Kathryn Gomes


In Level 4, students learn multiplication on a higher level, along with division, geometry, measurements, fractions, and decimals. Each unit takes students on a journey of discoveries that makes common, age-appropriate connections building the strong foundations that are crucial for success in higher levels of mathematics.

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Placement Guide

Unique to the market, these elementary courses are designed to not only point to our Creator in all things, but to show the student how creation and mathematics are intertwined. Also unique are the strong connections made between mathematical and scientific studies. Students are not asked to learn and to do math in a void that doesn’t make real-world connections. Rather, from the very first page, connections are taught so that students understand the value of building a strong foundation in the language of mathematics.


  • Solutions to all problems in the All-in-One Student Text and Workbook
  • A suggested Daily Schedule in calendar format
  • Ideas for helping a student who is struggling with a concept
  • Suggestions for further exploring a concept for the student who has a deeper interest
  • Supply list for the year
  • Tear out activity pages to be used repeatedly to practice concepts. These include game boards and other teaching helps.

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