Second Form Greek – Teacher Manual

By: Mitchell L. Holley


The Second Form Greek Teacher Manual is an everything-you-could-possibly-need manual. Organized for easy access, it contains Student Textinset with answers in color, day-by-day lesson plans, weekly recitation schedule, oral drills, optional parsing and analysis of the Greek sayings, and additional notes.

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An Introduction to Hellenistic Greek

After the success of the Latin Forms Series, we decided to write a Greek program! The Greek Forms Series is based on Mrs. Lowe’s years of classroom experience  and proven teaching methods, and is designed for parents and teachers with or without a Greek background. The series will cover all the Greek grammar in three  years. The Student Text presents the grammar logically and systematically.

After finishing Second Form Greek, the student will have mastered the following:

  • All third declension nouns and adjectives
  • The middle and passive paradigms for all six Greek verb tenses
  • The future and imperfect tenses of the to be verb
  • The interrogative, indefinite, relative, and reflexive pronouns
  • Over 200 vocabulary words

Recommended Prerequisites: At least two years of Latin grammar (ideally First and Second Form Latin) and First Form Greek.


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