The Tuttle Twins and the Play for Power

By: Connor Boyack


Dennis Forde, Secretary of State, has died, and the Tuttle Twins are headed for the funeral. Little do they know the opportunities—for good and bad—that will come from this event.

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Aunt Cathy—Mom’s sister—worked for Forde and has a big decision to make. Will she try to replace him? A millionaire businessman wants to run for Senate. And both of them want to tap into that Tuttle Twins power.

Will they succeed? It’s your call.

Along the way, there are shark-fin car toppers, stolen campaign materials, music festivals, fundraising, spying, new friends—girl- friends?—and plenty of opportunities for Ethan and Emily to show off their skills. They’ll need all of them to successfully navigate one of their toughest challenges so far: the Race for the State.

Do they have what it takes to win? Do you?

9 possible endings; 359 pages of content!

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Connor Boyack


Libertas Press




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