Avoid Extra Burdens with Extra-Curricular (5 Tips)

So many options, so little time, and a limited budget! How should a family go about deciding where to invest their limited time, money, and energy when it comes to extra-curricular activities? Talk to any team sports coach and they will be able to list off all the reasons why team sports are the investment you should make. [...]

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Summer Music – Tips & Resources

As a music teacher, I always approach the summer months with a sense of apprehension. The majority of families take a well-deserved break through July and August, and I wave goodbye to my students at the end of June wondering how much knowledge they’ll return with in September. “Use it or lose it,” is an [...]

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Teach Through June

I'm a fan of a well-designed homeschool curriculum but I've pulled back a bit to allow more room for books. I was not a confident homeschooler in the early years and relied heavily on curriculum for the step-by-step guidance that I needed. These days, I enjoy planning themes for the month, finding relevant books, activities, [...]

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