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Introducing CEB’s Book Stacks

Whether books are the foundation to your child’s learning, something you use to supplement curriculum, or you simply value what books bring into your home, CEB’s Book Stacks are something we’ll be pulling together on a regular basis to help you educate your children. Making Memories Themes are fun and a key ingredient to making [...]

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Dear Young Mama

My family has a New Year's Eve tradition where we write a letter to our future selves.  We open it a year later, on New Year's Eve.  It's fun but sometimes discouraging.  I've learned that writing a list of goals as a motivational tool can fall flat as you read through the list the following [...]

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Focus on Habits, Not Resolutions and Goals!

Nope, not a fan of New Year's resolutions.  I do not need to set myself up to underachieve in one more area of my life.  We're already behind in our Language Arts program and the Latin Words flashcards still have the cellophane wrapping on them.   But the start of a new year seems too significant [...]

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Book Stack for Boys

Send the boys in your life on an adventure with these books.  Visit a graveyard with Tom Sawyer, battle wolves in The Green Ember, or run away to Catskill Mountains in My Side of the Mountain.  If you have a reluctant reader then head off on the adventure with him and try a read-aloud.  Get caught up in [...]

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Book Stack for Girls

Books have much to offer our girls. These titles are packed with adventure, life lessons to explore, emotions to face, and new things to learn. Embark on a conversation about how we should treat others and the regret that follows when we don't do the right thing, as you read The Hundred Dresses. Introduce your daughter to another culture [...]

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Book Stack for Mamas

Keep-er /ˈkēpər/ 1. a book that has worn edges, dog-eared corners, and pencil markings because it has been poured over many times similar meanings: treasure trove, gold mine, cache The books listed here are all keepers.  Many of them should probably just remain in your "to periodically review" pile as there really is too much to be mined [...]

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Book Stack for Dads

Many fathers are out of the house, working during the day, leaving the Moms to do the lion's share of the homeschooling.  It's a setup that often makes sense but a father's involvement is a blessing to his wife and children so we've selected a stack of books to help. There is something here for [...]

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