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Make Math Meaningful with Picture Books

Book Stacks | March 31, 2021

Stories stick and that makes them a great educational tool. Facts are more easily and accurately remembered when they are part of a story and there is no shortage of facts when it comes to math!

We all know that a well-written homeschool curriculum is invaluable and as our children move through their homeschooling years, reading books does tend to give way to more curriculum. There is, however, nothing quite like the gentle learning that happens as you curl up on the couch and read books with your children; especially in the younger years.

Using math books in the early years will help fill your children with mathematical facts and concepts in a fun and engaging way long before you have to set them in front of their first math textbook. In fact, without much thought, we give our children years of stories and special times before we ever sit them in front of a grammar textbook. What would happen if we were purposeful in cultivating an interest in math by using books, baking, games, projects, and money activities before they ever had to work through a math text?

I’ve really enjoyed reading through these math picture books with my children. We use them as part of our morning time, and they are bringing math to life. I’m regularly negotiating with my reluctant learner but he’s always up for a good story; even a math story. Math picture books help children make connections between math concepts and the real world, they introduce students to math vocabulary and math heroes, and they combine literacy skills with math. Many times my reluctant learner has literally disappeared under the table as I’ve encouraged him to answer the math questions in his workbook but math questions that are asked as part of a story seem to fly under his radar and he’s happy to answer them.

Here’s a great list of just some of our math picture books. They are full of facts, concepts and even encouragement and humour. You and your children will also be inspired by some math heroes, learn a bit about history, and enjoy some great artwork!

Counting on Katherine

Millions to Measure


Bedtime Math

Math Curse

The Librarian who Measured the Earth

How Many Pumpkin Seeds

How Much is a Million

I’m Trying to Love Math

Anno’s Counting Book

Lemonade in Winter

by Adrianne Curwen

Adrianne is a wife to a public-school educator/administrator and a homeschooling Mama to seven children. She believes that we have a unique opportunity as homeschoolers to design individualized education that suits giftings, interests, and passions. She and her husband have used a blend of registered homeschooling, enrolment with independent DL schools, and participation in public trade school programs to design individualized programs for their children.  She is passionate about using read-alouds, picture books, novels, and conversations to educate her children but also gets excited by the amazing homeschool-designed curriculum that’s out there.  Adrianne is thrilled by her new role at Classical Education Books and is grateful to have an opportunity to learn something new.  She is grateful, every day for her saviour, Jesus Christ, and has no greater joy than when she sees her most important missions field walk with Him.


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