Meaningful March Read-Alouds

We've pulled together a great stack of March read-alouds for you and your family. Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland recounts the life of Saint Patrick. Through beautiful illustrations and simple storytelling, the book follows the journey of Saint Patrick from his youth in Britain to his kidnapping by Irish raiders, his years as a slave, [...]

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Do Mornings Well! Part 1

Do Mornings Well! "Win the Morning, Win the Day!" I see this quoted often in books, on blogs, Instagram feeds, and Facebook pages that are dedicated to productivity, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and habit development. I'm not an entrepreneur, but I'm a bit of a productivity/habit/organization nerd, and over the last several months, I've been wondering [...]

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Make Math Meaningful with Picture Books

Stories stick and that makes them a great educational tool. Facts are more easily and accurately remembered when they are part of a story and there is no shortage of facts when it comes to math! We all know that a well-written homeschool curriculum is invaluable and as our children move through their homeschooling years, [...]

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Book Stack – Grammar Picture Books

Picture books are a wonderful way to introduce your children to all kinds of topics. The selection of quality picture books is amazing and reading aloud to your children is such a natural and gentle way for your children to learn.  I can't encourage you enough to be purposeful in carving out a designated read-aloud [...]

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Introducing CEB’s Book Stacks

  Whether books are the foundation to your child’s learning, something you use to supplement curriculum, or you simply value what books bring into your home, CEB’s Book Stacks are something we’ll be pulling together on a regular basis to help you educate your children. Making Memories Themes are fun and a key ingredient to [...]

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