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Legends and Leagues – Geography in Color

Christmas, Curriculum | May 19, 2021

Geography is anything but dry and boring. If that’s been your experience, then we have a treat for you! Legends and Leagues is a journey around the world, including history where relevant, and just to keep you on your toes, there are fantasy creatures involved. (How else are you going to travel across Europe in...

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Myth Made Fact

Family Life | May 11, 2021

The Myth Made Fact: Reading Greek and Roman Mythology through Christian Eyes by Louis Markos PhD review by Sarah Mast When I first saw this book cover in my inbox from Classical Academic Press’ newsletter, I knew I wanted to read it, and I knew Classical Education Books would carry it as quickly as it...

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Sally Clarkson Books

motherhood | May 5, 2021

Our culture minimizes the importance of a mother’s role but Sally Clarkson helps to set things straight!  She has been a mentor to many homeschooling mamas through the pages of her books and we encourage you to treat yourself to this trio or order one, leaving the rest on your Wishlist. The Mission of Motherhood...

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Novel Series Book Stack

Book Review, Book Stacks, Family Life | April 28, 2021

  Readers love a good novel series! This blog post is full of reviews that will guide you to the next novel series for your children. Having trouble deciding? Start Wishlist on our website. Reviews are included here for: The Green Ember Padraic Colum’s Stories from Ancient Mythology  The Wilderking Trilogy Marguerite Henry Books  The...

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Asian Heritage Month Book Stack

Book Stacks | April 21, 2021

Asian immigration to Canada can be traced back to the mid-19th century when Chinese workers arrived on the west coast to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and we’ve gathered a stack of books to help you and your family learn about the heritage of our Asian community....

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Curriculum Spotlight – Artistic Pursuits

Family Life | April 21, 2021

 Artistic Pursuits This program is an excellent integration of art appreciation and practice. It must start with Volume 1, Art for Children: Building a Visual Vocabulary. As the foundational text for this curriculum, it teaches the various styles used by artists and instructs the child how to replicate the style. The lessons focus on the artistic process of imagining, observing and...

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Raising Readers

Book Stacks | April 14, 2021

Our Story I was not a reader as a child, but I knew that I wanted to raise readers even before I knew I wanted to homeschool. When we decided to homeschool, I read, watched, and listened to everything I could on how to teach reading. I was convinced early on that phonics was the...

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Apologia Exploring Creation with Marine Biology

Curriculum | April 7, 2021

Apologia is a Christ-centered, award-winning homeschool curriculum. Their mission is to help homeschoolers learn, live, and defend their faith through their curriculum. Overview Exploring Creation with Marine Biology is a high school level, college-prep, lab science (Biology is a prerequisite) yet it is also captivating to teens that are not majoring in science.  The course...

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Make Math Meaningful with Picture Books

Book Stacks | March 31, 2021

Stories stick and that makes them a great educational tool. Facts are more easily and accurately remembered when they are part of a story and there is no shortage of facts when it comes to math! We all know that a well-written homeschool curriculum is invaluable and as our children move through their homeschooling years,...

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Curriculum Spotlight – Christian Studies

Curriculum | March 24, 2021

The Bible contains the foundational stories of the Christian faith. The Christian Studies program is a kind of literature study of these stories. It is delivered in three parts. Book 1 The first is a K-2 enrichment book that is used with The Story Bible. This three-year program will read through all the Bible stories...

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Teach Through April Book Stack

Book Stacks | March 24, 2021

Easter Weekend – April 2nd-4th The Easter Egg A Tale for Easter The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross – Coloring and Activity Book The Passion of the King of Glory       National Wildlife Week – April 4th-10th Encyclopedia of Animals Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Animals...

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Book Stacks – Katie Books

Book Stacks | March 20, 2021

Subjects that are seen as “extra-curricular” can be the first to slide when life gets busy and sadly, I am guilty of this. You don’t have to look very far to find research that will encourage you to make art a regular component of your homeschool life so I encourage you to think through how...

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