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Bible Storybook Stack

Family Life | March 19, 2021

We have used several of these Bible Storybooks over the years and it would be a challenge to pick a favourite. It’s important that our children hear the bible read to them on a regular basis as hearing the words, wisdom, and instruction over the years builds a strong foundation. What at times seems to...

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Spring Book Stack

Book Stacks | March 17, 2021

It’s March and I live in British Columbia so when I look out my window it’s spring. I have a favorite season but overall, I simply get excited about the changes that all the seasons bring. A new season naturally brings changes to weather, wardrobe, and activities but I like to purposefully exhaust as many...

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Book Stack – Gail Gibbons Solar System

Book Stacks | March 10, 2021

Gail Gibbons books are a favourite amongst homeschoolers and this trio is packed with information and great pictures. We’ll be adding to our Solar System unit this year with some colouring pages, notebooking pages, and of course constructing the solar system is a classic homeschool activity.  We’ve used balloons, lego, or playdough over the years...

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Curriculum Spotlight – Center for Lit

Curriculum | March 10, 2021

The Center for Lit has done something amazing for teaching literature. You don’t need textbooks or analytical reviews. You just need to know how to ask the right questions. Their flagship product, Teaching the Classics is an eight-hour seminar for parents, teachers, and readers. It gives them a tool for reading literature that acts like...

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Classical Education: Back to Basics

Curriculum | March 8, 2021

Classical education is a new term for an old path. Over the last several years it is being rediscovered. It’s the classic path, the path that was well travelled but somehow our adventurous natures took us beyond that path. As we try to rediscover how our Western Culture gave us a richness of beauty, truth...

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Book Stacks – Drawing Books

Book Stacks | March 4, 2021

These drawing books are simple and fun. There are no written instructions, making these books a great starting point for young artists. Older artists, like, ahem, mom really appreciate these books too; they sure help with the skills that make Nature Studies more fun. Drawing books also make great additions to Morning Time.  These books...

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Book Stack – Grammar Picture Books

Book Stacks | March 3, 2021

Picture books are a wonderful way to introduce your children to all kinds of topics. The selection of quality picture books is amazing and reading aloud to your children is such a natural and gentle way for your children to learn.  I can’t encourage you enough to be purposeful in carving out a designated read-aloud...

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Teach Through March Book Stack

Book Stacks | February 24, 2021

A stack of books to help you teach through the month of March.  I find this such a fun way to learn something new. World Water Day From Brook to Ocean Water Dance Down Comes the Rain Celebrate Spring Karl, Get Out of the Garden The Reasons for the Seasons How Does a Seed Sprout...

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Curriculum Spotlight – Zeezok Music

Curriculum | February 24, 2021

The Zeezok Music Appreciation program comes in many pieces and the program is so versatile. My favorite thing about this program are the books about the composers. These books, by Opal Wheeler, are living books at their best. Each story is captivating and some of them include short pieces of music that a young aspiring...

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Teen Dystopia Book Stack

Book Stacks | February 21, 2021

Brave New World Starship Troopers 1984 Fahrenheit 451 Animal Farm Out of the Silent Planet        

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Bill Peet Book Stack

Book Stacks | February 20, 2021

Many of these book covers take me back to my childhood.  I always looked for Bill Peet books in my school library to sign out. Kermit the Hermit The Wump World Hubert’s Hair-Raising Adventure Farewell to Shady Glade Chester the Worldly Pig The Ant and the Elephant Buford the Little Bighorn The Gnats of Knotty...

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Love Your Husbands & Children

Encouragement | February 17, 2021

It’s February so I’ve been spending time reflecting on love, specifically, what it means to love my husband and children. “Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, 4 and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, 5 to be self-controlled, pure, working at...

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